RSLogix JMP Feature

I’m currently attending tafe doing a programming elective and seem to be stuck on the below question in regards to using the JMP feature. If anyone could help that would be amazing. I seem to be under the impression that a JMP can’t jump over a latch? Could be wrong.

The JMP will immediately go to the specified location without executing the code in between. In other words, if the input that leads to the JMP instruction is set (HIGH), the JMP will ignore all the rungs until the LBL instruction.

Also, correct me if I am wrong Vlad, a LBL function will not excute unless there was a jmp that send you to it.
So if the jmp was not excuted in previous rung, when the program got to the LBL it would pass by that rung.

That’s only partially correct. The rung which contains the LBL will execute regardless of the JMP. In other words, it’s just a reference that allows the program to skip the rungs before it, but not the rung which contains the LBL.

My apologizes, thanks for clearing that up for me !