RSLogix500 simulation

Hello. I’ve written a simple project using RSLogix 8.10.00 and configured one screen using FTView ME 11.00.00 (picture attached). When I press either Auto, Off or Hand I see that bit activates on RSLogicx briefly but it doesn’t write value to N7:0. I have to press the button multiple times until it writes value to N7:0 and then it changes mode (Auto/Off/Hand) on Scada.
Does anyone have any idea why this happened?


My initial thought is the press time on the HMI. There’s a setting that requires the user to press for a certain period of time before the tag is sent to the PLC. I believe it’s in the display settings.

On the same note, if you continue to press on the button, does the tag change?

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I tried playing with display settings - Maximum Tag update rate - setting it from 0.05 s to 5s and it didn’t help.
Yes, when I press the momentary push button, eventually the tag changes (I can see different text (Off/Hand/Auto) in multistate indicator).
I don’t think the problem is in HMI because I can see that the XIC instructions for Off, Hand and Auto are activated when I press pushbuttons, but the MOVE block doesn’t write 0,1,2 to N7:0 always. It sends those values to N7:0 only when I press the button several times.