Should I start with RSLogix 500 or 5000?

Hey there,

I’m transitioning into a new role and would like to get comfortable programming PLC. I was thinking about getting started with RSLogix 500 as it seems easier but was wondering if it’s better to just go straight to RSLogix 5000 and then maybe go back to RSLogix 500 later?

Any advice would be great!

Thanks :smiley:

Hey Alex,

If you are currently working in a RSLogix 5000 environment, I’d recommend going with that. If you’re new to PLCs and are just getting started, I would recommend RSLogix 500. The reason is that RSLogix 500 is simpler from a software standpoint and it’s much less forgiving. In other words, you’ll learn the core data structures and build a strong base before moving into 5000. Lastly, unless you already have access to hardware that’s running RSLogix 5000, you’ll save quite a bit with the older PLCs that run RSLogix 500.


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Hi Vlad,

thanks a lot for the advice! I think you’re right, getting started with RSLogix 500 makes a lot of sense.


Alex23, I am a newbie also. Can I ask what you are doing to learn. Are you taking courses on Udemy, Vlads courses are awesome on Solis. I am more looking to learn how to troubleshoot and modify existing plc’s and work with both 500 and 5000 and modicon.

Hey @Rouz6, I just started the Beginner to Paid Professional course and so far it’s very detailed and well structured. I’d highly recommend it.

I tried to watch videos on Youtube, but I prefer the structure and in-depth explanations I get from a course + I can get all my questions answered here on the forum which helps with the learning.

Good luck with your learning!

Thanks for the reply, I understand what you mean, there are 100’s of videos on YouTube but I agree I need the structure of a course. I am going to join today you helped make up my mind. I appreciate it. Good luck to you, talk to you again.