Siemens PLC Programming | Getting Started with the S7-1200 Siemens PLC Training Kit

Allen Bradley PLCs dominate the North American region. However, Siemens prevails in manufacturing automation in a much larger European market.

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is this licenses of TIA Portal is time limited or it is open

The license that comes with this kit is completely open. The way it works is that when you buy an S7-1200 kit, you get a basic license that only works with S7-1200 family of PLCs. If you buy the S7-1500 kit, you get the full TIA Portal license that works with the S7-1200 and the S7-1500 PLCs.

I really wanna start with Siemens S7-1500 where can I get the cheapest one with 365 days V16 license + HMI.

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Hi Seabe,

The best prices will come from your local distributor. You’ll have to search through the Siemens website to find a contact and get them to issue a quote.

Another source of hardware that Siemens recommended is Go to their website and search for a starter kit.

Note that the license for TIA Portal does not expire with these kits. You can use it in perpetuity.

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