Siemens PLC Programming | Ladder Logic, HMI Development & Code Simulation

As we dive deeper into Siemens TIA Portal PLC & HMI programming, it’s essential to get our first “Hello World” program up and running on the virtual simulator for the PLC and HMI. As a recap, in the previous tutorial, we’ve built a TIA Portal project, added the hardware, and established communication to a live PLC.

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Ran into an issue starting the HMI Simulation while following this Tutorial (which has been an excellent resource so far for teaching myself Siemens and PLC programming in general) and I’m wondering if anyone has advice on what to do, as my Google searches seem to be revealing nothing particularly helpful to me getting past this roadblock. I’ve followed Vladimir’s videos to a tee aside from the type of PLC I’m using because the spare I got from work is different than the safety PLC he uses. I’m using a Simatic ET 200SP 1512SP-1PN PLC in case that’s needed to solve the issue I’m running into.

The issue is that when I go to simulate the HMI, the only error I can’t figure out how to resolve is the following: “Connections > HMI_Connection_1: Local subnet is not connected; 1 > Compiling aborted (errors: 1; warnings: 0)”, where the character “>” I’ve used to indicate rows within the Info tab.

For now, all I want to do is get the simulation running so I can test the logic/continue following the tutorials. Can anyone help me resolve this? Hopefully this discussion thread I’m starting will assist others that may have the same issue quickly move forward in the future.


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Can you please provide a bit more info? Which version of TIA Portal are you running?

Did you try reading a different HMI? Does it always fail when you try to run the HMI simulation?

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It looks like it’s v17

When you say try reading a different HMI, what do you mean? I don’t have any HMI hardware connected, and the HMI I picked when I was Adding Devices was the same one you chose in the tutorial, if that helps. Yes, it has always failed when trying to run the simulation. I haven’t gotten the simulation to work once yet. I always get the same error message. I was also getting another error about the “root screen” label that seems to come with the root screen, but I deleted that to get rid of that error.

I don’t know if the controls department at work has some settings somewhere in the program that are set differently than the default but perhaps that has something to do with it?

Snippet of Siemens Error (DD)

I did just realize while rewatching the video for the simulations that when I go to simulate the PLC, I notice the "Configured access nodes of PLC_1 has “Not Configured” under the Address and the subnet is blank, where yours has links under those fields (right of the PC graphic, up top, when you go to search for the simulated PLC to Load the program)

Another forum said something about changing my PG/PC interface settings, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing in there as of now