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Hello community;
My name is Edison and I am new to the community. I have a question. Do RSLogix 500 or 5000 work with any type of controller or is it specifically for the Allen Bradley type controllers.

Hi Edison,

RSLogix 500 and 5000 are proprietary to Allen Bradley. They can only be used to write software for those controllers.


Hi Edison, RSLogix 500 is mainly for smaller or older PLCs (This covers SLC, Micrologix range), depending on the software/firmware version used in CPU either RSLogix 5000 (again for older revisions till 20) or Studio 5000 (for revisions after 20) will be needed. This software can talk to Compact and ControlLogix PLCs. As Vlad mentioned they are only for Allen Bradley (sometimes referred by manufacturer name Rockwell Automation). For Siemens PLC you will need TIA portal, for Omron PLCs depending on the model you will need CX-Programmer or Sysmac Studio. Every PLC manufacturer has specific software to go with it and as far as I know, none of them is free.

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After installing RSLogix 500 I am getting this message We032 Failed to update the system regisrty. Please check registry security rights or try using regedit. I am using windows 11 64 bit

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Install (run) as Administrator?

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