Tips for programming better with RS Logix 5000

Hello everyone, I have a question for you. Currently I use a lot Rs Logix 5000 but I would like to have tips to know how to better program and take less time for work.

Thank you very much !

Hey @valaraukar123, welcome to the forum!

What do you mean by “how to better program”? Do you have any specific thing you would like to get better at, maybe you could share a specific example?


Thank you !

For example, with a flowchart, I tend to make too many lines in the software and it can be a bit confusing. What I mean is that I could shorten the number of lines but do the same thing. I don’t know if that’s clearer? And maybe also some stuff about different programming methods. For example ladder logix.

And also one of my big problems is translating an organizational chart into a ladder. I have a lot of problems with how I would do that.

And at the same time, a video of that can be really good.

@valaraukar123 thanks for clarifying. Maybe @VRomanov can give you some helpful tips.