Tot and pid connection


I would like to understand more about the TOT when it is connected to the PID. The TOT has a variable called RIGHT_SIDE_REJ_FLOW_RATE and it will be the TOT (In) variable and I would like to know if the values from this variable, when using TOT function, usually comes from the sensor or should be created an expression in the program. By knowing that the Flow Edge Sensor will take the pulse, the program has an input with base tag called Right_OIL_Pulse, and it will be used in the program logic with its value resulting in the RIGHT_LITERS_PER_MINUTE and after some equations and comparisons it will be used in the ALARM creating the RIGHT_REJ_FLOW_LOW and HIGH , but they have not base tag and I believe its purposes are just for operator’s feed back and also has an AFI connected in the line, which makes me think that it was created just for troubleshooting purposes. So, does the TOT just takes inputs from the sensors or they get inputs from program as well? I am just starting and I am having some issues to understand some parts of the program. Could anyone help with that problem? Thanks in advance.

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