Traffic Light Program with specifics in RSlogix 5000

i want to design a traffic light system for a single intersection inside an industrial compound. also i want to create a safe and efficient traffic flow while ensuring the safety of pedestrians crossing the intersection.
All the timers and counters should be reset and operate all indicator lamps for 5 seconds after program in to RUN mode.

The traffic light system will operate based on a predefined phase sequence. The sequence is as follows:

  • South with an East turn
  • East with a North turn
  • North with a West turn
  • West with a South turn
  • No straight directions will be needed like North to South / East to West

The traffic light system will have a fixed cycle time, with the following durations:

  • Red: 20 seconds
  • Yellow: 5 seconds
  • Green: 25 seconds

During the green phase, the green light will start blinking when it reaches 15 seconds and continue blinking until the 25th second in all directions.

The number of cars passing through the road can be entered using a push button or switch. The phase with the highest number of passing cars will have its time increased by 20%, while the phase with the lowest number of passing cars will have its time reduced by 10%.

For pedestrian safety, the traffic lights will include pedestrian signals for safe crossing. The pedestrian signals will be synchronized with the traffic lights.

Only one road will have a green signal at any given time, while the other road will have a red signal. This will ensure the smooth flow of traffic and prevent collisions.

Additionally, the traffic light system will incorporate a timing mechanism to allow sufficient time for vehicles and pedestrians to clear the intersection during each phase.

To handle emergency situations or maintenance, the system will include a manual override feature. This feature will enable authorized personnel to take control of the traffic lights and ensure the safety of all road users.