Udemy vs Solisplc difference

Hello guys,
I simply want to know the difference between both. which is better? and why?

Hi AR2020,

We made the decision to migrate to a self-hosted solution from Udemy for several reasons. We can provide a much more flexible experience for students and save on fees imposed by Udemy which lead to better materials for the students.

The main difference is that we provide all of our content within a single subscription while on Udemy you’ll have to purchase each class separately. However, on our site, we’ve adopted a subscription model that will bill the user on a monthly or yearly basis. Once again, this encourages those who are interested in learning to get through the material rather than purchase and never open the class (Udemy).

Overall, you will learn regardless of which platform you pick. However, the content is more recent on the site than Udemy and we update it regularly to keep our users engaged.

Hope that helps,
Vlad R.

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My thoughts are that, you can learn from Udemy. However Vlad has created his own space with this forum and his website. If we all truly appreciate what he has given to us than we would likely want to support him so he can keep going.

And that would mean following him to his new platform, I think (and I am not speaking for Vlad) moving to his platform is what’s best for him and we should want to support that.

Just my thoughts…

Best of luck to your new site Vlad.

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