What topics should we cover next?

Hey everyone!

we’d love to get your suggestions for content & topics you would like us to cover next on SolisPLC!

So far we’ve been heavily focused on Allen Bradley PLC programming with a few tutorials and courses on Cognex Machine Vision, HMI programming, and Siemens PLC programming, Opto 22, etc

What would you like to see next? Let us know below :point_down:

OAS SCADA is very popular with Allen-Bradley. Would you be willing to do a few vids on that? It would be very helpful.

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New member here. I have worked in electronics for 15 years building mainly relay logic controls. I am just getting my feet wet with AB Studio 5000 using the 5069 L306ER controller and some DI/DO cards. I have access with the Udemy class but was wondering if there is any digital media on this site for creating tags for DI/DO and first time use?

I have a simple project I am working on with some 120V AC actuators and return signal for open or close. Some local programmers quoted 6 months + to get to the project so I would like to do this on my own.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the suggestion Chris!

We’ll add this to our content roadmap.

Hey Matt,

Welcome to SolisPLC.

We do have a few tutorials on local I/O points and how the tags are structured. Here’s one - RSLogix 5000 Tag Structure - Creating Alias Tags for PLC Input Output Modules Point IO Studio 5000

In general, the tags will be created for you once you define the cards in the I/O tree. From that point, you can use them as-is or alias them as described in the tutorial above.

Hope that helps…

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Hey Dave, welcome to the SolisPLC forum!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the courses!

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add this to our roadmap, and will try to create a course on topics as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions!