Which is best Programming Language for PLCs?

Hello there,

I had earlier asked a question related to PLC programming but did not get any answer. I hope I will get the answer to this question But I do not know which group is better for my query so sorry if there is any mistake.
I would like some guidance from you regarding programming language as to which one would be best. I have done some research and found that there are several options available, including ladder logic, structured text, function block diagrams, and instruction lists. I am a little confused about which one to start with and which one will yield the most benefits in the long run.

I have learn servicenow and Ladder Logic seems to be the most traditional and widely used language, especially in industrial settings. It is graphical nature makes it easy to understand and troubleshoot. On the other hand, I have read that Structured Text is more powerful and similar to high level programming languages ​​like Python and C which may be beneficial for more complex applications.
Function blocks that feel very intuitive to create more modular and reusable code.

Considering the diversity of options, I would love to hear from people with more experience in this field about which programming languages ​​are the best and which programming language you start with and why. Are there any specific industries or applications where one language is preferred over the other? Are there any resources or courses you would recommend for beginners?

You can share any insights or personal experiences here. It would be greatly appreciated.